Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Amazingly Simple Videos at School and Grading Your Leadership Class - CADA Area C November 2015

Meet the Pros - Grading Your Leadership Class
Here is the Service Log packet and here is the Feedback/Evaluation Form that we talked about today during Meet the Pros.

Some bonus goodies for today:

EGG-CHICKEN-DINOSAUR-ROCKSTAR - Bonus Team Building Activity

A fun icebreaker I learned comes from Melissa Edsall, activities director at Douglas Middle School in Woodland, CA. It's EGG-CHICKEN-DINOSAUR-ROCKSTAR.

Everyone in the group forms the shape of an egg and plays Rock-Paper-Scissors against each other. If you're an egg and you win, you "evolve" to a chicken. The loser of that round remains an egg and must seek out another egg.

Chickens then seek each other out. Again, they go head-to-head playing Rochambeau, the loser remains a chicken, and the winner becomes a dinosaur.

Dinosaurs then seek each other out. Head to head Rochambeau. Loser stays a dinosaur, winner becomes a rock star.

Rock stars seek each other out. LOSER DEVOLVES BACK DOWN TO A CHICKEN. Winner goes on tour again as a rock star.

Now everyone is a rock star. Again, head-to-head matches of Rochambeau. This time the loser "plays in the band" of the winning rock star, and gets behind the person he/she lost to and encourages and supports the person who beat him/her. As games are played, larger "conga lines" are formed until there is one last epic Battle of the Bands.

Sometimes it's about you, and sometimes it's not about you. In the first round, you were working for yourself, hoping to achieve the next level. In Round Two, you were supporting someone else, someone you lost to initially. In leadership, it's not always about us, and we're not always the decision-makers. Still, when called upon, it's important for us to fall into line and be supportive and encouraging of the person assigned to be the leader for this particular task or project. Also in activities, we do for others, not for ourselves. In rallies, class competitions, fashion shows, whatever we put on, it's about highlighting and showcasing others, not about ourselves.

Great job, Melissa!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teens, Parents, and Social Media - Canyon HS - 11/4/2015

My presentation for parents---

My presentation for teens this morning---

A project I just started working on today: Social Media Audit for Teens

RESOURCES - Teens, Parents, and Social Media - 11/4/2015

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