Thursday, June 11, 2015

Using GMail, Google Drive, Widgets, Apps & Other Technology in your Classroom - Hart District ROP - 6/11/2015

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Today we are going to learn tips and tricks for these great tools!
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive, including:
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Slides
    • Google Forms
    • Organizing files and folders in Google Drive
  • Kahoot!
  • Flubaroo
  • Notability
  • Pinterest in the classroom
  • Remind
  • URL shorteners (TinyURL, bitly, ShoutKey)
Helpful Resources

Advanced Google Drive - Hart District Teacher Summer Institute - 6/11/2015

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Here are some of the many amazing advanced features you can do with Google Drive that we may discuss today. Many of the features we talk about today work best--or are only available--by using the Google Chrome web browser. If you are using Google Drive regularly, I strongly urge you to use Chrome--it's the best browser out there.

So now it's time for Google Drive to "reveal its secrets . . ."

  1. Offline editing - you and your students are not bound by an internet connection. By enabling offline editing, you can work on a file on any device and sync it when you have an internet connection again
  2. Revision History - go back in time on any document, and "reveal the secrets" of any document, spreadsheet, or slide
  3. Batch upload of files - taking the leap of faith with Google Docs/Google Drive
  4. Back up Google Drive files - you can store local versions of files on your computer all the time, and you can use Google Takeout to completely close out an account and transfer data from one Google account to another
  5. Google Drive for Desktop - Download the free app for your computer, and you can have customized access to files locally. Those files will then sync to the cloud.
  6. Use Google Docs to create a quick and dirty "website" - Use Publish to the Web to make any Google Doc a website. Great for announcing election results, dance courts, etc. Here's an example I created for the SAT program.
  7. Save as PDF - Google Docs easily exports to PDF format for printing. If it's not exporting quite right in "Save as . . ." simply use the Print feature to make your PDF appear exactly as it would on paper
  8. Email collaborators feature - an easy way to stay in touch with your team
  9. Use the STAR to create a tickler file - for files you want to have access to more easily, especially on mobile
  10. Google Drawing - the unsung hero of Google Drive
  11. Editing and Suggesting modes - newer feature of Google Docs allows you to turn your changes into suggestions for someone else
  12. Comment Only access - protective of your stuff? Use Comment Only to give collaborators a voice, but you still have the final say
  13. Column workaround - Google Docs doesn't have the column feature of MS Word (yet). Use Tables for a quick and easy workaround, and then make the table border disappear
  14. CONCATENATE function - this feature in Google Sheets (yeah, you can also do it in Microsoft Excel) is awesome when used in conjunction with Infinite Campus 
  15. Common folders and sharing - rather than sharing files individually with students, create a common shared folder that 
  16. Go farther with Google Apps for Education - Hey, this is what we have in the Hart District! Google gives you unlimited space for Drive and Gmail, and your whole school/district is "speaking the same language"
  17. Go EVEN farther with Google Classroom - create your own ecosystem where you can create assignments and send announcements out to one class, all classes, specific small groups (officers, clubs, etc)
  18. Perhaps one of my favorite features of Google Drive . . . Google Forms